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Inspiring young performers to uplift, entertain, and transform our world through music.

Raise. Your. Voice.

Rise Up is Utah’s premiere contemporary vocal performance group for young people ages 6 to 18! We ignite a love of music and encourage the full expression of your child’s potential for artistic and personal excellence through the collaborative experiences of singing, recording, and performing!


An intermediate-level ensemble for children ages 5 to 12 where the fundamentals of choral singing and performance skills are taught while learning original arrangements of contemporary as well as traditional songs.


An advanced-level performance ensemble comprised of talented children ages 7 to 18 who have strong music and performance skills. This world-renowned ensemble performs a wide range of songs and frequently collaborates with other artists in the music industry. 


A small, advanced, mixed voice men's and women's ensemble for teens ages 11 to 18. This dynamic group of performers brings a fresh and exciting sound to innovative a cappella arrangements primarily from the pop and musical theatre genres.


A small, advanced-level ensemble for young women ages 11 to 18. This tight-knit group, comprised of powerhouse female performers with outstanding stage presence, sings intricate arrangements of pop and inspirational songs with an edgy rock-n-roll punch.

Our Ensembles

Image by Lucas Benjamin
Grace Ibarra
Production Assistant + Ad

Meet the Staff

Talent. Creativity. Passion.

amy o_edited.jpg
Amy Oakeson
Artistic Director + CoFounder
Keith Goodrich Headshot_edited.jpg
Keith Goodrich
Music Director, Children's Choir
katie 2_edited.jpg
Katie Houts
Music Director, Junior Choir
amy w_edited.jpg
Amy Lynn Whitcomb
Music Director, Lumina
Bronwyn Jensen
Music Director, Amplify


The 2021 and 2022 winner of

Utah’s Best of State award for

“Best Music Education Organization,” Rise Up has a global audience with millions of views and streams of their videos and music.

Billie Eilish - What Was I Made For (From “Barbie”) Cover | Lumina of Rise Up Children’s Choir

Billie Eilish - What Was I Made For (From “Barbie”) Cover | Lumina of Rise Up Children’s Choir

We inspire young performers to uplift, entertain and transform our world through music. Follow Rise Up Children’s Choir YouTube | Instagram | Facebook | TikTok | X/Twitter | Website | LYRICS I used to float, now I just fall down I used to know but I'm not sure now What I was made for What was I made for? Takin' a drive, I was an ideal Looked so alive, turns out I'm not real Just something you paid for What was I made for? 'Cause I, I I don't know how to feel But I wanna try I don't know how to feel But someday, I might Someday, I might When did it end? All the enjoyment I'm sad again, don't tell my boyfriend It's not what he's made for What was I made for? 'Cause I, 'cause I I don't know how to feel But I wanna try I don't know how to feel But someday I might Someday I might Think I forgot how to be happy Something I'm not, but something I can be Something I wait for Something I'm made for Something I'm made for Produced by Rise Up Productions, LLC Produced by Amy Oakeson Directed by Amy Lynn Whitcomb Director of Photography and Editing Nathan Stone Production Assistant Grace Ibarra Filmed on location at Velour Live Music Gallery Special thanks to Corey, Michael, Piper and the Velour production team. MUSIC CREDITS From the motion picture "Barbie" Words and Music by Billie O’Connell and Finneas O’Connell Originally performed by Billie Eilish Arrangement, Musical Direction and Audio Recording by Amy Lynn Whitcomb Audio Engineering by Scott Shattuck Media and Amy Lynn Whitcomb Soloists Hannah Tate and Colette Stringham #Barbie #RiseUp #riseupchildrenschoir
Sons of Thunder - Owl City (Cover) | Rise Up Children's Choir Official Video