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David Allen

Music Director, Children’s Choir

David Allen is a consummate musician hailing from Oregon. He received his degree in Commercial Music with an emphasis in Media and Film Composition from Brigham Young University. Shortly after graduation, he served as the Musical Director of the critically acclaimed band for BYU’s musical theatre company, the Young Ambassadors. He is now a freelance musician and producer, helping others to reach their goals with his diverse skills and artistry. David’s performance and studio recording credits include work with The Salamanders, Metro Music Club, Nicole McMahan, Garon Brett, Free Radicals, Blomberg Music Productions, Steven Halliday Band, Liberty James, Wasatch Symphony Orchestra, Diamond Empire Band and Uncertified the Band.
While a student at BYU, David spent four years as assistant to the Band Director for the Young Ambassadors. During that time, arranged much of the repertoire for the group in many genres including musical theatre, contemporary, pop, and extravagant band features. He also arranged a medley performed with Grammy Award-winning singer Colbie Caillat. David is the founder and former artistic director of 1AChord at BYU, a student-led a cappella group which is still going strong. His primary instrument is the trombone.
In addition to his passion for music, David enjoys soccer, playing games, and spending time
with friends and family.

David Allen
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