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Amy Lynn Whitcomb

Music Director, Lumina

Amy is a rock‘n’ roll loving singer-songwriter originally from Longwood, FL. Since graduating from BYU in April 2011 with a Bachelor’s in Commercial Music, Amy has toured internationally with the a cappella group Delilah (from NBC’sThe Sing-Off), top artists from Season 4 ofThe Voice, and Deke Sharon's Vocalosity. Amy annually performs in & produces the Rock Opera Deep Love, sings with global party bandNo Limits, and has arranged & produced dozens of tunes for BYU Noteworthy. She has also produced over 20 music videos for the group.

When she’s not performing, Amy works as a vocal & performance coach, session vocalist, arranger, artist consultant, and the music director for Lagoon Entertainment. Amy's other obsessions besides music include the beach, the mountains, true crime podcasts, travel, fitness, fashion, Netflix, chill, and rainbow glitter.

Amy Lynn Whitcomb
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